About the company

MARCON is a company manufacturing and assembling steel constructions. From the start of its operation it enjoyed an impeccable reputation among European enterprises.

About me

My name is Mariusz Marek. For twenty years I have been interested in technology and mechanics, and in particular in the welding sector. I used to help my grandfather at his workshop when I was young, I learnt what enthusiasm for work and determination are. It was my grandfather who taught me to always pursue my goals and never to rest on laurels.

I was taking the first steps, building the foundation of my career, in Poland as early as 1999. Initially I was working as a grinder and construction fitter. Over time I have obtained welder’s qualifications for bonding of metal sheets, pipes, hardox and duplex steel materials, i.e. welder’s qualification for MIG, MAG and TIG welding methods.

I was developing my abilities as a member of a production team working for companies such as Stalkon, or JVP Steel. However, I gained the greatest experience over several years’ stay in Haugesund in Norway, where I worked for Aibel company building and renovating drilling platforms. The height of my career as a full-time employee was becoming a master of production at Dynpap company in the years of 2016-2019. Since 2019 I have been an owner of MARCON company, which have been successfully developing on both the Polish and European markets.

I am no stranger to hard work, that is why I put all my hear into the growth of my own company. My dream is to create not only a well-prospering enterprise, a brand worthy of investors’ trust, but also an employee friendly workplace. A strong and satisfied team is a guarantee of a company’s success and of personal fulfilment – for that reason I am not just the company President, bit also a co-worker.

Privately – I am an incorrigible optimist, a fan of football and mountain biking, a professionally satisfied connoisseur of action films and adrenaline-filled experiences. Every day I try to develop the best aspects of my personality.

About the company

How we work?

MARCON is a guarantee of high-quality construction

Design, delivery and assembly

We are a reliable and dependable company. We offer comprehensive implementation of all types of projects related to the use and installation of large-size steel systems. We supervise the entire course of a construction processe, from its initial stage of conception, through prefabrication, mechanical working and anticorrosive isolation, until the final stages of manufacture, loading and transport.

Brand and trust

We care for the complete satisfaction of an investor. We have been developing continuously since October 2019, using the experience acquired and putting our heart into the work we perform, bearing in mind even the smallest of our customers’ expectations and requirements. We have a perfectly co-ordinated production team, which is a guarantee of quick and safe manufacturing and assembly processes.

Investment quality

We fulfil all the contracts using the best quality raw materials. We take care of every detail throughout the entire construction process. MARCON is a synonym of a reliable and valuable investment.

Convenience on an international scale

We operate on the basis of our excellent knowledge of the logistical sector – not only at the national, but also on international level. Manufacturing and assembly are realized with the use of modern and specialist equipment, while at the same time with well-tried and reliable methods. Our priority is not only quick and high-quality production, but also safe and well thought-out transport to every corner of the globe. Thanks to our convenient location in the port city of Szczecin we are able to fulfil large-size orders and then transport them by sea.